Allow us to help you

From our 40 year experience in the art world, we can aid and advise artists who wish to penetrate the international art market. We discourage small isolated solo or group exhibitions that lack prestige, are quickly forgotten and prove to be expensive and of little use.

It is necessary to formulate a strategy that is based on the individual circumstances of the artist that brings success and increased exposure.

The Art Market

Collectors and the upper classes have two objectives; to buy quality art and to invest in a promising artist whose value/quotations will increase with time. It is therefore necessary to have several independent critiques that convey a sense of stature and importance, an impressive CV that communicates an artist's potential and a professional website that encompasses the achievements and successes of an artist. Books, publications, magazine exposure and prestigious exhibitions combined with the elements above are able to transmit reliability and justify a market price, ultimately contributing to an international reputation.

Become a successful artist

Our services are available to emerging talents and creatives. Have your work published on the biggest art magazines in the world and exhibit internationally. Join a community of creative people and give your art the spotlight it deserves.

Call us or write for a consultation. Our dedicated artist promotion service requires a minimum budget of £10,000 GBP. 

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